Caridad Sorondo Chosen by PEN Club as “Distinguished Promoter of the Year”

Although she prefers the term “cultural provocateur” (well, provocatrice) PEN Club-Puerto Rico has awarded the recognition of “Distinguished Promoter of the Year” to cultural promoter, Caridad Sorondo. Sorondo is the producer of the television program “En la punta de la lengua” [On the Tip of the Tongue], which, in the words of master artist Antonio Martorell, aims to “bring [world] art into the spaces of people who are not likely to enter museums” and to disseminate the rich diversity of Puerto Rican cultural production to a broad audience island-wide. It has had a run of over 280 shows; three of these have been awarded Emmys.

Mairym Cruz-Bernal, President of the Puerto Rico chapter of PEN Club considers that Sorondo’s “En la punta de la lengua” constitutes an invaluable legacy for future generations and is a program of “indisputable quality.” Cruz-Bernal underlines that Sorondo’s passion for literature and her eagerness to broaden horizons and to connect the public with universal literature have led her to produce excellent programs dedicated to writers such as Pedro Salinas, Gabriela Mistral, and Jorge Luis Borges, and to create important series such as La rutas del Quijote. At a special event at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón [Sacred Heart University], “El Maestro” Martorell, the show’s host (formerly co-hosting with writer Mayra Santos) introduced the award-winning producer, highlighting why she is highly deserving of this recognition.

Sorono considers her work on “En la punta de la lengua “a marvelous experience” explaining that she feels rewarded by the rich dimensions into which the program has been able to delve. As examples of the many projects she has enjoyed, she mentions the “interesting blends” whereby the show has examined “graffiti and literature, bolero [music] and literature, or literature and bandits, because literature is nourished by life itself.” She also feels that the public’s response has been marvelous and equally rewarding. The program, she says, is not meant to address academics, but rather a wide variety of viewers. She states that the show is her passion and that there is always much more left to explore: “One topic takes you to another and you always find more. There is so much to do because we are always discovering ourselves.”

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