Solo Exhibition by Francesco Baronti in Old San Juan


This month, Italian-Puerto Rican artist Francesco Baronti  is presenting his most recent visual work in the exhibition titled “Soy un incurable soñador” [I Am an Incurable Dreamer]. The exhibition, which opened on November 12, 2009 at OBRA Galería Alegría, features a sculpture and 14 paintings produced in Italy and Puerto Rico. 7 of these paintings were previously exhibited at his last solo exhibition in the Castle of Capalbio in Toscana, Italy. Baronti travels and works Africa, Italy, and Puerto Rico. OBRA Galería Alegría is located at 301 Calle de la Cruz in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Francesco Baronti (1973) was born in Livorno, Italy to an Italian father and Puerto Rican mother. He started painting at the age of 20, and encouraged by master artist Franco Sumberaz, he studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. Since 1997 he has participated in collective and solo exhibitions in Italy, Kenya, and Puerto Rico, winning various awards along the way.

As a child, he lived in Somalia for five years and he states that this experience and other world travel have marked his work and creative repertoire. He states that his multicultural immersion has led him to observe and analyze his surroundings from various standpoints and to translate these experiences onto the canvas. According to the artist, “in Africa the value of what is [considered] necessary is very different. In Italy one lives the process and consequences of globalization. Puerto Rico is confronted by the impact of globalization and is facing a very delicate situation.  [My] work is fed by this diversity of life experiences and influences, and reacts to them with images that attempt to provoke.” His art, says Baronti, reflects the essence and reflection of all these things— “fragrances and odors, dissonant and consonant vibrations” in which the pursuit of his dreams has been steeped. “Although he is conscious of reality, he prefers not to give up or find a remedy for his irrevocable condition, that of the dreamer.”

For more information, you may call (787) 723-3206,  or see and the artist´s site at

Featured here, Baronti’s “Quelli che vengono” (2009).

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