Havana’s International Festival of New Latin American Cinema


A total of 105 films representing 17 countries are slated for participation in the 31st International Festival of New Latin American Film in Havana [also see previous post 31st International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana]. The Festival’s Official Film Selection includes 110 films, of which 105 will compete for the Coral Awards in the categories of fiction feature film (21), first film [opera prima] (21), fiction short film (15), documentary (24), and animation (24). The other 5 will be screened but not slated to compete. New and seasoned directors, such as Suzana Amaral, will come together to present their work from December 3 to 13, 2009.

Most of the young directors representing new talent from Cuba are graduates of Cuban film schools, such as the San Antonio de los Baños Film Institute, which has produced quite a few directors that have achieved recognition around the world. Among the participating films, Brazil has presented the most material with 23 films competing in the five different categories, followed by Argentina and  Mexico with 21 works each; Chile and Cuba (9), Peru (7), and Colombia, Uruguay, and Venezuela (4 each). Bolivia, Canada, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, and the United Kingdom have each registered one film.

“La Ventana” has just published the list of the 21 competing feature films. From Argentina: El último verano de la Boyita (Julia Solomonoff), Francia (Israel Adrián Caetano), and La invención de la carne (Santiago Loza); Argentina/France coproduction, El secreto de sus ojos (Juan José Campanella); and Argentina/France/Spain coproduction, El niño pez (Lucía Puenzo). Bolivia brings Zona sur (Juan Carlos Valdivia Flores). Brazilian films are A la deriva (Heitor Dhalia), Hotel Atlántico (Suzana Amaral), and Viajo porque necesito, vuelvo porque te amo (Marcelo Gómez and Karim Ainouz). Mexico brings Backyard-El traspatio (Carlos Carrera González), Cefalópodo, (Rubén Imaz Castro), and Viaje redondo, de Gerardo Tort.

Chile is represented with a Chile/Mexico coproduction, La Nana (Sebastián Silva), and Chile/France coproduction Navidad (Sebastián Lelio). Other collaborations include Peru/Spain La teta asustada (Claudia Llosa); Colombia/Germany/Argentina/Holland Los viajes del viento (Ciro Guerra); Colombia/Spain Rabia (Sebastián Cordero); Uruguay/Colombia/Argentina/Spain Hiroshima (Pablo Stoll), and Venezuela/Argentina/Spain Un lugar lejano (José Ramón Novoa).

The two Cuban feature films submitted are Lizanka (Daniel Díaz Torres) and El premio flaco (Iraida Marlberti and Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti). [The latter’s film poster is featured above].

For full article (in Spanish), see http://laventana.casa.cult.cu/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=5160

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