Castro’s Daughter Gets Her Own Tell-All Movie


The life of Fidel Castro’s love child Alina Fernández is soon to be the subject of a major motion picture—oh, how pedantic that sounds! Alina is about to get her own tell-all flick, appropriately titled, Castro’s Daughter. Bobby Moresco, the Latino producer behind such Oscar-winning films as Crash, Million Dollar Baby, is slated to direct the movie, for which he is also co-writing the screenplay (with Nilo Cruz of Anna of the Tropics fame) based on the book of the same name. Alina is the daughter of Fidel and Naty Revuelta, a former Cuban socialite. Alina ended up leaving Cuba disguised as a Spanish tourist, despite the fact that her father had forbidden her from leaving the island. No word yet on who will play Castro—or Alina, for that matter. People have suggested Benicio del Toro, but could he play Castro after  playing Che?

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