St. Croix Receives Valuable Documents and Photographs from the University of Havana


On Tuesday, November 17, 2009, at an official ceremony at historic Fort Frederik, St. Croix Senator Wayne James will transfer to the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands a collection of valuable documents, photographs, and moving images bequeathed by the University of Havana. The senator received these historical documents during his recent visit to Cuba, where he attended the VII Biennial Conference of Caribbean Architects. James said that “to receive such a wonderful gift from the people of Cuba is a wonderful expression of diplomacy and Caribbean unity.”

On behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands, James presented the Cubans with copies of 233 rare photographs of Cuba taken in 1925 from his private collection. He stressed that “it was an honor [for me], to present our Cuban brothers with historic photos of their own homeland.” James obtained the 233 photographs several years ago while purchasing antiques in Barcelona, Spain. The senator James also discussed the possibility of student exchanges with the University of Havana and is hoping to send the first three students to study there this summer.

Senator James will also present a lecture on his experiences in Cuba at the event. He explains that he has impressed by the socio-political climate; the thriving artistic and intellectual communities; Cuban sentiments towards communism and socialism; the food, music, and dance; and the entrepreneurship. “I have traveled the world over—several times,” he said. “I have seen a lot in my 48 years on this Earth, but I definitely found Havana to be one of the highlights of my international travels.”

For full article, see–19-19–.html

Photo of Cuban architecture from

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