Exhibition: Dafne Elvira at the Puerto Rico Fine Arts Gallery


Dafne Elvira’s exhibition “Me gustaría ser y no soy” [I Would Like to Be and I am Not] opens tonight at 7:00 pm at the Puerto Rico Fine Arts Gallery in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Her 13 paintings (acrylic on wood) are inspired, in part, by a song by Joaquín Sabina that speaks about historical figures that he will never be and also by objects or practices that she admires, such as agriculture and Greek sculpture. The exhibition invokes the figures she cannot become and a reflection of all the things she loves. In her case, she says, the figures represented are more symbolic and poetic.

Elvira’s style is highly narrative and her work is full of symbols that may be read differently according to the observer. Her evocative painting titles add to the poetry. Titles such as “Secretos en el bosque” [Secrets in the Forest], “Caracola en islote” [Seashell on the Isle], and “Zuania en la arena” [Zuania on the Sand] are just a few of these suggestive titles full of narrative promise. As the artist explains, her goal is to provoke her interlocutors to create their own stories with each painting.

For full article (in Spanish), see http://www.elnuevodia.com/megustariaserynoser-635058.html

Shown here, Dafne Elvira’s “Secrets in the Forest.”

One thought on “Exhibition: Dafne Elvira at the Puerto Rico Fine Arts Gallery

  1. While in Puerto Rico I purchased a print by Dafne Elvira, “the Primera Cera de Muchas.” I love it…a reflection of the gift of my female friends…as well as the challenge of the Catholic Church to admit that someone had to organize and cook for the last supper. Need I say more.
    Sandy Perryman

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