Barbadian “Indiana Jones” Makes Discovery in Guyana


After extensive research in Guyana’s remote interior, Damon Gerard Corrie (of Trinidadian and Guyanese Amerindian descent), well known to Barbadians as the “Snake Man,” may have now earned the name of “Indiana Jones” after having made “the discovery of a lifetime.”

Corrie has become the first person to identify and compile physical and photographic evidence of an ancient Amerindian culture of skilled stonemasons formerly inhabiting an estimated 200 square mile mountainous area of Guyana. He says he has been searching this area over the past decade at his own expenses, and “to satisfy his own curiosity, but realizes now that what he has discovered is too important to keep to himself any longer.” He has amassed a great deal of evidence before announcing his discovery. The Bajan Reporter underlines that “this solo effort on 36 year old Corrie’s part may prove to be an invaluable contribution to the science of anthropology, and a vital missing chapter to the pre-Colombian history of Guyana.”

Corrie is the founder/president of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy ( He is a is a member of the Indigenous Caucus of the Organization of American States (OAS), a registered observer at the United Nations Permanent Forum on indigenous Issues (UNPFII), and founder of the Caribbean Herpetological Society. Coincidentally, he was also one of the researchers who protested S. Blair Hodges claim of having “discovered” the world’s smallest snake in Barbados [see Barbados Snake among top ten newly discovered species].

[Photo featured here is a replica and not actual finding.]

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3 thoughts on “Barbadian “Indiana Jones” Makes Discovery in Guyana

  1. No Coincidence, I was with Blair & his wife when I turned over the stone behind Grantley Adams Secondary School and called them over to see and pick up the snake – yet he claimed it was only himself and his wife there for the ‘discovery’.
    Luckily for me a Barbadian called Otis Holder who works at Easy Hall St. Joseph) lives was walking a dog at the same time on the cart road 20 yards away and witnessed it all.
    The Hedges had pickled me up that morning and afterwards himself & his wife dropped me home and met my wife, parents and children (more witnesses to me being in his company all that day). THAT is what I protested – because it was lie on his part to claim I played no role whatsoever, I have no problem with him naming it as he WAS the first one to scientifically examine it in a laboratory – but he should be man enough to admit to the role of others in the securing of the first live specimen. This core fact of my position on the snake discovery matter is overlooked by all and sundry for reasons I cannot comprehend.

    Me exploring the mountains of Guyana with different friends and relatives over a ten year period and being the only one taking notes of archaeological finds I come across and trying to fathom which tribe is responsible for them is an entirely different matter, it is like comparing apples and oranges.

    Yours sincerely,

    Damon Gerard Corrie

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