International Symposium: “Sex and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean”

jinetera-265x410NALACS (Netherlands Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies), JISLAC (Joint Initiative for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean, UK) and CEDLA (Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation) will host the international symposium, “Sex and Sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean,” on November 26-27, 2009, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The venue is the Openbare Bibliotheek, Oosterdokskade Amsterdam (OBA) 143.

This international conference will explore contemporary issues in the study of sex and sexuality in Latin America and the Caribbean, and in particular, the shifts in the political economy of intimacy and the ways in which cultural, political, and economic power structures shape sexual practices and ideologies in the region. The keynote speakers for this symposium are Drs. Peter Wade (University of Manchester) and Amalia Cabezas (University of California-Riverside). 

Peter Wade is professor of social anthropology at the University of Manchester. His research focuses on race and ethnicity in Latin America, especially in Colombia, where he has explored black cultural identities, processes of racial discrimination, and black social movements. He has also traced the social history of Colombian popular music in the twentieth century and its connections with ideas about nation and race. He is currently working on themes of race and sexuality in Latin America.

Amalia Cabezas is assistant professor of Women’s Studies at the University of CaliforniaRiverside. Her research interests include sex tourism, women’s human rights, the politics of gender, health, and women’s labor. She is the author of Economies of Desire: Sex and Tourism in Cuba and the Dominican Republic (2009), the first ethnographic study to examine the erotic underpinnings of transnational tourism. She is also co-editor of The Wages of Empire: Neoliberal Policies, Repression and Women’s Poverty.

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