New book for Teens: Legend of the Swan


Legend of the Swan Children is a new book for teens and tweens by Guyanese writer Maureen Marks-Mendonca. It is published by Macmillan Caribbean as part of its new Island Fiction Series. The Macmillan site describes it thus:

Alex Springfeather, a Waspachu of the Cougar Clan, discovers he has special powers. But he can’t stop his world from crumbling. Soon after the landlady Senora Lagrima is found dead, he and his mother, Tia Lucia, are forced to flee their hacienda. When his mother vanishes without a trace, Alex is plunged into an extraordinary adventure, which leads him from a sleepy Spanish Village on the Caribbean Sea, through the rainforests of South America, to an island beyond time. Alex wants only to solve the riddle of the silver panman and save his mother’s life, but the guardians of the Legend of the Swan Children force him to make a terrible choice…

Marks-Mendonca spent many years working and travelling in Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America, as a diplomat, teacher, and economist. She currently lives in Canada, though she visits the Caribbean frequently. She is an independent editor/writer/illustrator, and a coordinator of inner development workshops aimed at empowering youth. Legend of the Swan Children is her first work of fiction.

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