Fjortoft: New Ferry between Montserrat and Antigua

New ferry service will begin between Montserrat and Antigua in January 2010. Sailing under the name Fjortoft, the ferry— a 101-seater vessel capable to 28 knots— will be operated jointly by the government of Montserrat, the government of Antigua, and the Barbuda Island Council. The ferry has the potential to move up to 400 persons per week.

The ferry sails from Southampton, England, on November 17, and will arrive in St. Thomas, USVI, on December 6. The first sailing will take place in early 2010 as the ferry will go through its final checks in St. Kitts during the last two weeks of December. The government of Montserrat moved to cover the high travel period in December by contracting a short term ferry, similar to last year. This service will begin on December 2 and will be for at least six weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Fjortoft: New Ferry between Montserrat and Antigua

  1. My wife and I travelled on this lady together with another 12 passengers on 28th January. The return trip was by far the worst seagoing experience ever. We departed at 1700hrs – after 30 mins in very heavy seas the Master notified us he wouild return to Monserrat and overnight there – we arrived back at the quay and moored – after 20 minutes or so Master informed us he would try again in spite of repeated protestations from the passengers most of who were being sick everywhere( shortage of vomit bags) – our return voyage to Antigua took us via Guadeloupe and the total passage time from boarding to arriving was FIVE hours of sheer hell without food or water. We will not be making the voyage again. All safety/warning/information signs on board are still in Norwegian and Swedish languages – with the exception of the Captain no-one speaks these languages. All signs/notices on board shoould be in English language spoken by 99pcnt of visitors to Antigua and indeed the inhabitants.

  2. You take wrong Barrie! If you have a look,you can see that the safety leflet is in Norwegian..AND in English language. Dont critisice the Captain,who take care of your safety.He made the rigth desicion!

    Best regards

    Former Captain of “Fjørtoft”

  3. This ferry was the worst trip ever..After we were suppose to depart at 3:00 pm,The captain took his own time and didn’t come back until half an our…I was very sick after that..WORST FERRY EVER!!

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