DUKA’s “Dominica First” 31st Anniversary Independence Dance


Independence Day was celebrated in Dominica on November 3. This Saturday, November 7, 2009, the Dominica-United Kingdom Association (DUKA) is hosting the “Dominica First” 31st Anniversary Independence Dance. The dance will be held at Chocolate City Night Club at 2 Southend Road in East Ham, London (E6 1AA).

Featuring comedian Gus Vidal and a great variety of Caribbean music— calypso, soca, zouk— presented by DJ Cut, DJ Redboy, Ninjaman Lloyd, De Crazy 1, and others, the celebration will go on between 9pm and 4am. Attendees are encouraged to pull out their madras. The program promises different cultural events such as a Creole Dress Contest, with prizes for the best Creole garb, presentation of Caribbean books, Caribbean Hampers (gift baskets of Caribbean delicacies), and more. Creole cuisine will be served; participants can look forward to souse, black pudding, soup, and other Caribbean dishes.

For more information, see http://www.duka.org.uk/

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