New Book: Social Protection Policy in the Caribbean


Farley Brathwaite’s Social Protection Policy in the Caribbean: From Social Assistance to Social Development discusses social vulnerability and the major instruments developed to address it. The existing provisions are fully examined, from their historical development to their major strengths, gaps and deficiencies, their impact on vulnerability n the region as well as suggestions about the way forward for social protection policy.  

Dr. Farley Brathwaite holds an MA from the University of Essex and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Pittsurgh. A sociologist who taught many years at the University of the West Indies, Brathwaite is a social development consultant. His main research areas are social problems and social policy in the Caribbean. His published works include The Unemployed in Trinidad, The Elderly in Barbados, Crime and Criminal Justice in the Caribbean, and articles on social policy and criminal victimization in Barbados.


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