Around the Corner: International Congress on the Myth of the Caribbean Woman


YoSoyElOtro [IAmTheOther] together with Grupo Koré de Estudios de Género [Kóre Gender Studies Group] and Carlos III University of Madrid is hosting the Congreso Internacional sobre el Caribe: El mito de la mujer caribeña [1st International Congress about the Caribbean: The Myth of the Caribbean Woman]. The conference will be held November 16-19, 2009, at Casa de América and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 126 Ortega y Gasset, Getafe (Madrid), Spain.

Congress participants will reflect on the “myth of the Caribbean woman” from various perspectives including Gender and Caribbean Studies. This congress is designed to examine–beyond the limits of the Hispanic Caribbean (continental and insular) and reaching out to the rest of the Antilles— the poetics of historic, literary, artistic, and affective relationships between the European space and the sea that borders this part of America. The main purpose is to explore, from the “space” of the Caribbean woman in-the-world, “not how she is, but how she wants (or is wanted) to be performed or represented.”

Lorna Goodison (Jamaica/United States) and Gisèle Pineau (Guadeloupe/France) are two of the featured writers confirmed for this activity. 

A wide range of participants include Emilia Azcarate (Venezuela/Spain), Carmen González Marín, Ian Bethell Bennett (Bahamas/Puerto Rico), Carmen Rivera Villegas (Puerto Rico), Gloria Wekker (Surinam/Netherlands), Jesús “Chucho” García (Venezuela), and (shown here) interdisciplinary artist and choreographer Awilda Sterling Duprey (Puerto Rico).

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