Schooner Bay’s Artist-in-Residence: Antonius Roberts


Antonius Roberts, environmental artist, painter, sculptor, and open space designer, is one of the Bahamas’ most celebrated artists. He considers his artistic endeavor a mission because, through the process of transforming space, he seeks to provide people with opportunities to reconnect with the natural world. An avid conservationist with a deep respect for nature, Roberts has been chosen as Schooner Bay’s Artist-in-Residence. His studio will be the first house and the only structure built in the town’s forest, which has been otherwise preserved as a sanctuary for the native vegetation and wildlife. From his studio with a view to the harbor, he will help shape the surroundings of Schooner Bay with his sense of preservation, community, and open/sacred space design. The artist feels that this location gives him the opportunity “to work in the environment of the coppice, but also to be a protector.” He explains, “The studio becomes a guard gate, a post, a symbol of respect and appreciation for the environment.”

Roberts has previously worked on several similar projects, for example, his open-space design and outdoor installments in the historic Centreville House in Nassau [see previous post, The Bahamas: The Transformation of Centreville House]. He plans to apply a similar approach to Schooner Bay to help draw attention “to the wonders and beauty of nature.”

For more information on Antonius Roberts and sketches for his open-air design plans for Schooner Bay, see

For the artist’s web page, see

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