New Book: Jacqueline Aria’s La Nostalgie du vent


Jacqueline Aria has just published her novel La nostalgie du vent (Ibis rouge, 2009). This novel examines two diametrically opposed beings: a young man with artistic ambitions, raised in the lap of bourgeois comfort in Nice, who made a fortune in the paper pulp business, and a Native American woman from Pointe Isère, French Guiana, whose misfortunes lead her to his family through the mediation of a sheet of paper. The novel explores interconnections, communication, and processes of adaptation between two cultures for the sake of survival.

Jacqueline Aria has previously published two novels about the island of Mayotte, L’île de Zaïmouna and Le magasin de la Vigie. A world traveler, Aria has lived in the Great Britain, the United States, Mayotte, and French Guiana. She traveled throughout Mediterranean working on a ship. After exploring many professions, she completed her studies in Montpellier, France, and is now a teacher.

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