New Bill to Preserve St. Croix’s Castle Nugent as a Historic Site


U.S. Virgin Islands Delegate to Congress Donna Christensen has introduced a bill to establish Castle Nugent on St. Croix as a National Historic Site. This effort started in 2006 to preserve the unique landscape of St. Croix for generations to come. Her bill calls for the preservation of 2,900 acres, which include a Caribbean dry forest, a pristine coastal barrier coral reef system, and a pre-Colombian and post-European settlement. As Christensen explains, “Castle Nugent is home to some of St. Croix’s greatest agricultural, cultural, historical, and ecological treasures.”

The Castle Nugent lands have a long agricultural history dating back to the 1730s when the Danish estate house was constructed. The property has been used to raise prized Senepol cattle (shown here). The bill would ensure continued rearing of Senepol cattle with a provision that guarantees a continued relationship with the University of the Virgin Islands to support ongoing scientific research of the cattle.

The Senepol breed was established on St. Croix in the early 1900s. It is a Bos Taurus cattle breed, a cross between African N’Dama and English Red Poll. It is resistance to diseases and highly adaptable to semi-arid environments.

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Photo of CN 4209, a famous sire from Castle Nugent Farms, from

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