Call for Submissions: The Homoerótica Literary Collective


The Homoerótica Literary Collective [Colectivo Literario Homoerótica] occupies a cultural space that speaks from and addresses— but is not limited to— the Puerto Rican LHBTTQA community. The group is dedicated to construct and encourage an inclusive literary tradition that is representative of our diversities. It constitutes a generational meeting point between renowned authors, newcomers, aficionados, and the community at large. The collective promotes queer Puerto Rican literature. Readings of poetry and short narrative will take place the second Friday of every other month.

The Homoerótica Literary Collective invites the LBTTQA community to submit proposals (short story, poetry, music, or performance) for an event entitled Papaya and/or for publication in their blog. Authors may also choose to submit written work for publication in the blog without participating in the reading/performance event. The event will take place at Cups Bar & Lounge on November 19, 2009. The lounge is located at 1708 San Mateo Street, Santurce (in San Juan, Puerto Rico).

The deadline for submissions is November 14; all submissions must be sent to

For detailed guidelines for submissions for the event or for publication in the blog, see

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