St. Lucia: International Creole Day


Although it is usually celebrated on October 28, this year St. Lucia celebrated International Creole Day on this past weekend, culminating in events on October 25. Since October is Creole Heritage month, a program of activities has been scheduled to take place throughout the island. Anselma Aimable (Caribbean Net News) reports that the activities included conferences and workshops on things Creole, a ball, music, and dance sessions, among others.

Business establishments and schools around the island celebrated Vanndwedi Kweyol (Creole Friday) with everyone, children and adults alike, donning madras outfits. At some establishments Creole was spoken throughout the day. Jounen Kweyol was celebrated in many communities on October 23 and 24, but on October 25, everything came together for a major celebration, including church services, fashion shows, and exhibitions.  Creole music, dance, and food could be found at different venues all around the island.

St. Lucia, Dominica, Marie-Galante, Mauritius, Seychelles, French Guiana, Martinique, and Reunion are among some of the Creole speaking regions that also celebrate International Creole Day.

Also see Haiti: International Creole Day 2009

For full article,–20-20–.html

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