Sean Penn heads to Cuba to interview Castro


Oscar-winning actor and political activist Sean Penn has traveled to Cuba in the hope of interviewing Fidel Castro, TMZ reported Sunday. “Sean is going to the land of Fidel as a journalist, writing a story for Vanity Fair about how the Obama administration has affected Cuba,” the report said. Since taking office in January, US President Barack Obama has moved to ease a half-century of tension with Cuba, with small steps such as relaxing rules on visits and money transfers to the island. So far, however, the US administration has not taken major strides in its approach to the Americas’ only communist regime. The Obama administration has said it will not, for now, seek to end the US economic embargo, instead urging Havana to show progress on human rights.

In July, the two countries also officially restarted a dialogue on migration issues which had been suspended since 2003, and talks are also under way aimed at restarting bilateral mail service which was cut off in 1963. Obama recently asked Spain to send a message to Cuba urging its President Raul Castro to step up efforts to improve relations with Washington, a Madrid newspaper reported Sunday.

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