Bahamas hosts Derek Walcott


The College of the Bahamas, in conjunction with the Construction Seminar Group, will host the Caribbean’s first Nobel Prize winner for literature Derek Walcott in November. This will be the first time that the Bahamas has ever hosted a Nobel Laureate.

Honoured by the MacArthur Foundation, the Royal Society of Literature and Her Majesty the Queen, Mr Walcott is an outspoken poet, playwright, writer and visual artist. He will lecture on the topic “Art, Politics and Caribbean Culture” at the college’s Anatol Rodgers Memorial Lecture Series on Thursday, November 12. He will also address the 2009 Construction Seminar on the impact of foreign direct investment on the development of the Caribbean on Friday, November 13. “Hosting a Nobel Laureate in the Bahamas is a highly celebrated achievement and comes on the heels of President Barack Obama being awarded the Nobel Prize for extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and his support for nuclear arms reduction,” the college noted in a statement.

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