Lucecita Benítez on the risks of political expression through the arts


Puerto Rican singer Lucecita Benítez knows the implications of assuming a political voice when you’re an artists, she tells Primera Hora. Considered to be Puerto Rico’s “National Voice,” the singer has been censored at events such as the Calle Ocho Festival in Miami, but she has opted for maintaining the integrity that has earned her the respect of the public that has followed her career for many years.  

“Since I started expressing my own opinions, I gained the trust of many, especially when it comes to politics. I think an artist must look forward and if one’s controversial one is likely to remain controversial throughout one’s career.  Now, I have always been respectful of my public, although because of it I have been excluded, like Calle 13, from certain events.” (Calle 13’s participation in the Circotic event was canceled after they referred to Puerto Rican governor Luis Fortuño as “a son of a b . . . “ during the Latin MTV award ceremony.)

Lucecita is not judging Calle 13’s René Pérez because of his comments about the governor, because they are “his business” and she respects him as an artist.

“I respect René as an artist and because of his ability to produce impressive lyrics. I respect his style, since he sings for the people. I respect him as an artist and what he said is his affair. I am not going to judge him. He is an artist who sings about the reality that surrounds him,” said Benítez, adding that she regrets that the incident has drawn attention from the problems that the island is facing.  

The singer stressed that the barriers she has faced along the way have not impeded her development as an artist, and she knows quite well the price on pays when one follows one’s political and social conscience. “I have always been persecuted, but it has not stopped me since I have gained the public’s respect, which is ultimately the only thing that matters. When one is beginning as an artist, one can be managed, but it comes a time when one has to assert one’s positions and criteria. If I had allowed the obstacles I have found in my way stop me, I would not be the artist I am today.”

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