Martorell Hosts New Television Program,”Enlace Cuba”


Starting tomorrow, October 25, 2009, under the direction of leading Puerto Rican Antonio Martorell, television network HITN will begin its new program “Enlace Cuba” [Cuba Link], a conversation with seven of Cuba’s foremost artists.  The series presents interviews with Flora Fong, Juan Moreira, Kadir López Nieves, Kelvin López Nieves, Adigio Benítez, Alicia Leal, and Luis Enrique Camejo, who speak of their passion for art and the diverse interests that guide their work.

Martorell co-wrote the script, organized the interviews, and serves as the interlocutor, presenter, and commentator on the work of each artist. Expressing his enthusiasm for this project, the artist explains, “Regardless of the circumstances, Cuba produces the best artists in the continent. They receive the best education in visual arts that I know.” For Martorell, this project has given him the opportunity to reconnect to an artistic group that he admires and has followed, although he had not met all the Cuban artists personally.

For the president of HITN, José Luis Rodríguez, his network – the first public television Hispanic network in the United States– “is a necessary space for exploration of and exchange with Cuban culture.”

For full article (in Spanish), see

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