Street named after Che Guevara in South Africa


The renaming of Moore Road, Durban, South Africa, after Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara is not the most important issue—what is significant is that his lessons and practical life lives on as a symbol for African people.” This was the message from his daughter, Aleida Guevara, at the official renaming ceremony on Wednesday. The renaming by the eThekwini Municipality caused much controversy with residents and businessmen living and working along the road, who claimed that Guevara’s name had no significance to them. Some also complained that the new name was difficult to pronounce. The ceremony was attended by a small crowd, which included the media, a delegation from the city and Cuban visitors who accompanied Guevara’s daughter.

“The names can be changed, but remembering the virtues of this man means that you also have them in you. That’s very important. Thank you for this gesture of solidarity,” said Aleida Guevara when asked to respond on the controversy surrounding the initiative. The eThekwini Deputy Mayor, Logie Naidoo, said Guevara had been a “selfless revolutionary who knew that Africa had to be liberated from colonialism.” He said the renaming initiative was in memory of a great revolutionary who had believed in no political boundaries. “It is for that reason that we rename this street,” he said.

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Photo of Che mural in South Africa from (a fun site that gathers  photos or Che’s iconic image from around the world.

2 thoughts on “Street named after Che Guevara in South Africa

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  2. Nothing but a mass murderer of his own people, that’s the only parallel withSouth Africa.

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