Caribbean Landscapes: An Interpretive Atlas


The Caribbean Studies Press announces that Caribbean Landscapes: An Interpretive Atlas has received an outstanding book review by the Journal of Latin American Geography (Volume 8, Number 2) written by Korine N. Kolivras (Department of Geography, Virginia Tech University). Kolivras describes Caribbean Landscapes: An Interpretive Atlas, by Timothy S. Brothers, Jeffrey S. Wilson, and Owen P. Dwyer, as “the rare book that combines artistic images with informative text” and “a product of geographers who recognize the diversity in the Caribbean region and do not attempt to capture all landscapes, but rather interpret a representative set of landscapes across the island Caribbean (including the Bahamas) using a thematic approach.”  

Caribbean Landscapes shows underlying patterns without overlooking the uniqueness of individual places. Combining scholarship and expertise in remote-sensing technologies, cartography, photography, and fieldwork, these geographers (from the University of Indiana-Purdue, University Indianapolis) present a taxonomy of Caribbean environments. The atlas features environments important to contemporary Caribbean geography, such as the contrasts of the Haitian-Dominican border, the impact of the 1958 revolution and Guantanamo Naval Base on Cuba, the enduring landscapes of colonialism, the transformations of Vieques Island, the effects of floods on the island of Hispaniola and volcanic eruptions on Montserrat, and tracing the sprawl that is Santo Domingo.

For more information, see

Aerial photo of the Bahamas (by Joseph Burgess) from an interesting summary of Caribbean ecosystems, “The Neotropical Kingdom.” See

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