Exhibition: Tapia, the First Puerto Rican


As part of the events slated for the 12th International Book Fair of Puerto Rico, the National Archive of Theater and Film of the Puerto Rican Athenaeum and director Roberto Ramos-Perea invite you an exhibition on Alejandro Tapia y Rivera, who is considered the “Father of Puerto Rican Identity.” “Tapia: el primer puertorriqueño” [Tapia: the First Puerto Rican] opened on Thursday, October 21 and will end on Sunday, October 25, 2009 at the Convention Center.

This exhibition includes displays of newly-discovered documents related to Tapia y Rivera’s exile, as well as photographs, other documents related to his life in Puerto Rico and abroad, and first editions of the literary works that helped shape the beginnings of our Puerto Rican identity.

[Note: Tapia: el primer puertorriqueño is also the title of a documentary directed by Ramos-Perea and produced by Olga Vega Fontánez. The documentary presents scenes based on the writer’s social and intellectual life in 19th century San Juan.]

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