More than 500 clowns meet in Mexico


More than 500 clowns—including many from the Caribbean region—gathered Monday in Mexico City for an international convention including a five-minute, non- stop laughing binge. The four-day ‘Laughing Fair,’ organized by the Brotherhood of Latino Clowns and supported by Mexican cultural organizations, offers workshops such as balloon-twisting, mime, acting, wardrobe, children’s games and face-painting.

Clowns were set to gather Wednesday at the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City to laugh and make others laugh. The so- called Five-Minute Laughing Record is intended as a sort of therapy to release stress with the world still immersed in an economic slump, organizers stressed. The convention features representatives from Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, the United States and Mexico. Many of the clowns are professionals who make their living entertaining.

One clown said he thought the job was an excellent career choice. “It’s a very respectable job, a great job that can touch everybody from the very young one to the old,” he said. Clown Tomas Morales said that they hoped to start a clown school and were planning to raise money to get the project started.

Photo: Clowns, Dominican Republic, by Conrad Louis-Charles at We encourage you to look at his wonderful images of the Caribbean.

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