Dominica’s centenarians


The small island of Dominica is, apparently, home to a record number of centenarians. The phenomenon is the subject of an event sponsored by the Science Museum in London on Tuesday, October 27, at 7pm, featuring cultural activist and artist Gabrielle Le Roux. Le Roux visited Dominica to talk to and paint this fascinating group of centenarian women. In this event she presents her work and discusses the Dominicans’ lifestyle and philosophies together with health scientists. She will be joined (by video link) by Dominican health and lifestyle educator Natalie Charles. The event will be facilitated by Agnes Adonis, High Commissioner for Dominica.

The Science Museum’s Dana Centre is a collaboration between the British Science Association, the European Dana Alliance for the Brain and the Science Museum. It is part of the Wellcome Wolfson Building, which is supported by four principal donors – the Wellcome Trust, the Wolfson Foundation, The Dana Foundation and the Garfield Weston Foundation.

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You can also phone 020 7942 4040 or email

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