Solo Exhibition: Omar Velázquez’s “Desde la cuneta”


“Desde la cuneta” [From the Gutter], a solo exhibition by Omar Velázquez (The Storehouse Group) opens at Galería Guatibirí on Thursday, October 22, 2009, at 7:30pm. Velázquez will present new works, which include multidisciplinary pieces, consisting of graphic work on different supports and installations, ready-mades and recycled materials. The exhibition will remain open until November 5, 2009. Galería Guatíbiri is located at 1003 González Avenue, Santa Rita Urbanization, Río Piedras. “Desde la cuneta” is hosted by Galería Guatíbiri and The Storehouse Group. 

Desde la cuenta… is an individual sample in which the artist relates the stories of his nocturnal walks along the streets of Río Piedras, his nearby environment, which he uses as inspiration. The title Desde la cuneta… is used like a pun that alludes to the cradle [cuna] or to the more pejorative meaning of cuneta as gutter or ditch that receives rain water and street waste. In this case, the artist refers to “the dream of the one that sleeps in the streets, like the reality of dispossessed citizens.”  At the same time, the gutter is the place where the artist finds the materials to create his work. “To live and to have a studio [in La Corporation Artist Studios] in Río Piedras has allowed me to know, to absorb and to experience the different aspects of that zone,” comments Velázquez, adding that it “is evident that the street and its inhabitants are the setting for my work; I try to present the pieces in an atmospheric/sensory form, like a means of expressing of my personal anxieties.”

Born in Isabela, Puerto Rico (1984), Omar Velázquez lives and works in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. In his artist’s statement, Velázquez says that his work deals with conflicts, addiction, trauma, and deterioration: “I reflect on the non-functional individual, estranged, anesthetized and existing in a society that moves at a fast pace. I try to explore the perception of the spectator from a particular perspective presenting people in a state of physical immobility and mental unconsciousness. These images, almost realistic in their appearance, are icons of our urban culture, which in turn, represent the mental status of our society’s superficial preoccupations.”

For more information, contact Rubén Malavé, director of Galería Guatibirí at (787) 250-1959 or Melissa M.  Ramos of The Storehouse Group at (787) 464-6743, or by email at

For more information on this exhibition, see

See the artist’s page at

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