Caribbean Manga: Les Îles du vent


Last year Caraïbéditions (publisher based in Guadeloupe and Martinique) published Astérix adventures in Creole, translations of Titeuf et Les Profs and Le Grand Fossé. This year, the editors have produced a manga (a type of Japanese-style comic books), Les Îles du vent #1 (2009). As the editors state, it is “un manga 100% made in Antilles.” Les Îles du vent touches themes that center on Caribbean social realities such as the Haitian “sans papiers” (without documents), migration, and others, woven together with maps, cultural and historical vocabulary, humorous scenes, and adventures.

The editors have planned three books for this Caribbean series. The first comic book, written in French by Hector Poullet, with drawings executed a young Caribbean “mangaka” (manga artist) educated at Eurasiam (European business school specializing in European and Asian management, with focus on China and Japan), Élodie Koeger, was coordinated by Florent Charbonnier, the founder of Caraïbéditions to produce a book that speaks about contemporary Caribbean life. The second book is due to appear in 2010. The target audience is that of the traditional manga, young people between 15-25 years of age. “This is why we chose to publish it in French, because young people in the Caribbean read very little in Creole,” explains Charbonnier.

Full article (in French)

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