Amerindian Heritage Week and Divali in Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago is celebrating two cultural events this week: Amerindian Heritage Week and the Indian festival of lights, or Divali.

On Tuesday a crowd gathered at the St. Joseph River in Maracas Valley to witness an Amerindian River Ceremony presided over by Chief of the Santa Rosa Carib Community Ricardo Bharath Hernandez. Celebrations continued yesterday at Arima, where Carib hero Hyarima will be honored posthumously, and today a large gathering is expected to convene at the Banwari Trace Archaeological Site on San Francique Road, Penal. Banwari Trace is the site where the remains of the man believed to be Trinidad’s first resident of 5,000 BC were found. A lecture by a renowned archaeologist is expected to precede a tour of the area by the Tour Guide Association. Amerindian Heritage Week will then close with a play at the National Museum about Hyarima.
On Saturday, the national community will join Hindus across the nation in the celebration of the Festival of Lights known locally as Divali and in other countries as Diwali or Deepavali. See our earlier post on Divali at Divali (Festival of Lights) in Trinidad & Tobago.

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