Schedule information for new Caribbean ferry


Information on ferry schedules and fares is finally available on line through the link below. The ferry starts operations officially on October 20th but you can see photos of the two boats, complete schedules and fares. The company describes its objectives thus: BEDY Agency and Associates is a fully incorporated company registered under the laws of Grenada. It is based in St. George’s and represented by its CEO Mr. Benjamin Ross. BEDY Oceanline is a leader in fast ferry passenger services in the Caribbean. The company offers high-speed catamaran services to points in Trinidad, Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Barbados with a fleet of two vessels.  One with a capacity of 260 passengers and the other with capacity of 300 passengers. It is intended that the business will be operated using offices referred to as agencies in five countries namely Grenada, St. Vincent, Trinidad St Lucia and Barbados. The business is aimed at satisfying the needs of the lower, middle income groups, service clubs, church organisations and any other persons who may require such a service. It will strive to fill a niche due to high air fares, unemployment, lower tourist revenue based on the international downturn and thus the need to create a service that will transport people who are economically disadvantaged and therefore cannot afford the high airfares.

To visit the site go to

16 thoughts on “Schedule information for new Caribbean ferry

  1. i am so thrilled for that service its the best thing ever happend to caribbean people. what i want to know how long could you stay or how much days is the return trip and if you dont have a passport if you could use an id card. please i need a respond.

  2. This is the best thing since slice bread!! I need to find out a few things: are we going to be able go to St. Vincent on Friday and return on Monday morning or even Sunday night and the Vincentians do the same? Is there provision for one day business travel to leave early and return late the same day? Can the ferry be charted on Sundays to St. Vincent and what will the cost be leaving early say around 7:00 AM and return to Barbados arriving about 10:00 PM? How long would it take to get to Trinidad from Barbados, and would you be going to Grenada of Friday mornings? Finally do you have provision for sea sickness as this is sort of new to the Caribbean people having used LIAT for many years?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. am excited about d ferry but am not hearing anything these days.. has it been delayed …thought it was scheduled to start operating from this week..

  4. hey am so excited about this new ferry.I have a wedding to go to in St Lucia in March 2010 I want to know if the ferry will be up and running by that time. I look forward to yuor response

  5. Dear Sir/Madam could you tell me if the ferry actually has started yet and if so where can i purchase the tickets in Trinidad phone no and address please thanks

  6. Caribbean travel is so so expensive and especially knowing the islands are so close. I welcome such a service and can’t wait for it to start servicing the caribbean. It’s about time we get some alternative travel. I hope the service start soon.

  7. It is so expensive to fly from new york to Antigua does the ferry go from san juan or any other island thats cheaper to fly to that you can get the ferry from is it going to st martin?

  8. Is this ferry up and running by now? Need to know the schedule runs leaving Trinidad…please send some answers soon.

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