New site chosen for Farmer’s Market in Grand Bahama


It was announced today by the Grand Bahama Port Authority that the former Goombay Park has been chosen as the site for a new Farmers Market. Surveying the two acre site located just northwest of the International Bazaar, Mr. Hannes Babak, Chairman of GBPA, expressed excitement at the new turn of events. “After much consultation with local fisherman earlier this year, GBPA determined that a downtown location would be more appropriate and convenient for a fish market. Subsequently, it was decided that the project would not only encompass a fish market, but also include a space for vendors to sell fruit and vegetables as well. Therefore, we are very pleased to mark this site as the future home of Grand Bahama’s new Farmers Market,” Mr. Babak explained.

Back in August of this year, GBPA carried out extensive demolition at Goombay Park. The area, which had once been a popular gathering spot for visitors and tourists, had deteriorated over the years, becoming an eyesore. New water, drainage and electrical systems will soon be installed, including access to both fresh and salt water on the premises. The Farmers Market is an integral part of GBPA’s new Downtown Turnaround initiative. “We are mandated to create new economic activity and provide an environment in which businesses can flourish. The new Farmers Market is one way by which we can breathe new life into the downtown area,” said Mr. Ian Rolle, President of GBPA.

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