Ana Lydia Vega honored by PEN Club in Puerto Rico


The PEN Club of Puerto Rico has chosen Ana Lydia Vega as its Distinguished Writer of 2009. Vega accepted the award at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, where she gave a lecture entitled The Brotherhood of the Free Pens, a characteristically sarcastic and humorous take on last month’s announcement that a number of books by Puerto Rican writers (hers included) had been banned from local schools. The writer, she said, “confronts the blank piece of paper reaffirming his or her affiliation with the brotherhood of the free pens.”  Vega reflected on Puerto Rico’s present literary crisis and criticized the limited book market, the scarcity of readers, the lack of a true cultural journalism, the illusion of international circulation, and the bad academic practice of teaching literature.

One thought on “Ana Lydia Vega honored by PEN Club in Puerto Rico

  1. hi! i’m an italian girl..i want to contact ana lydia vega for my dissertation .. can u give me her contact? her email for example

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