New Book: Pirates at Port Royal (Caribbean Adventure Series)


Pirates at Port Royal (2009) is a new book from Carol Ottley-Mitchell’s Caribbean Adventure Series. The Caribbean Adventure Series was created by Ottley-Mitchell in November 2008 for young readers. The author explains that the series is about three West Indian children who have adventures in the past that lead them to discover their history. The first installment of the Caribbean Adventure Series was Adventure at Brimstone Hill. It is set at the Brimstone Hill National Fortress Park in St. Kitts where the children wander down a tunnel in search of a pet monkey and find themselves in the past and in the middle of a historical battle at sea between the British and the French. 

In Pirates at Port Royal, Port Royal was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692, but that does not stop Mark, Kyle and their pet monkey Chee Chee from having an adventure there during their summer in Jamaica. The children once again find themselves in the past, this time they team up with Henry Morgan, a famous pirate and former governor of Jamaica on an adventure that takes them to Venezuela where they have to destroy a fleet of Spanish ships to save their lives.

Carol Ottley-Mitchell, who lives and works in St. Kitts is the owner and main software developer for Leyton Microcomputer Systems. She confesses that becoming a mother really gave her the courage to write as she realized there was so much about her island’s history and culture that was disappearing. Writing the series allows the author to combine her love for the Caribbean with a passion for helping young minds learn about their history and culture.

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