Project: Islands for Islands


I just came across this curious contest, which can win you a trip to gorgeous Dominica. It is called Islands for Islands and here’s what it entails.

Fix a traffic island in your city and we’ll send you to an island in the Caribbean.

For this project we’re asking you to pick an ugly traffic island in your city and spruce it up—either in Photoshop or in reality. Add a bench or a sculpture, plant some flowers, whatever you can think of to make that neglected pedestrian junkspace more hospitable.

The winner will get a vacation to the Caribbean island of Dominica. Read on for the details.

To make an unpleasant traffic island in your city less so.

Take a BEFORE photo of a traffic island—the uglier the better. Then, use Photoshop or some other image editing software to imagine how it could be improved. Or, even better, actually get to work improving it in reality. Take an AFTER image of your handiwork.

First be sure to register here. Then send your BEFORE and AFTER images to projects[at]goodinc[dot]com. Each should be at least 1,000 pixels wide. Any image format works. Include in your email your name, the location of the traffic island, and up to 30 words describing your project. We’ll post submissions here as we get them. The deadline for entries is January 7.

Oh right—the prize. The winner (selected by a panel composed of members of the art and editorial departments at GOOD), will receive two round trip tickets to Dominica on American Airlines, two nights at Calibishie Lodges, and two nights at Shangri-La Resorts, and two free passes to the Aerial Tram rainforest tour.

The rules above are reproduced from the original announcement at

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