World Nations Condemn Great Britain’s Direct Rule Over Turks and Caicos Islands


The blogcritics blog site has posted an in-depth analysis of international reaction to the British takeover of Turks and Caicos following the corruption scandal surrounding former Premier Michael Misick. Here are some excerpts, with the link to the article below.

Many countries around the world have condemned Britain’s actions citing their discontent with colonialism. Prior to August 14, 2009, Turks and Caicos Islands had its own constitution and government which is now “suspended,” for what Great Britain says will be a period of at least two years. . . . What makes this a sensitive subject is not necessarily that Great Britain seized the government of Turks and Caicos, alleging corruption by then Premiere Misick, but that a newly elected government had been installed since March, following Misick’s resignation. Galmo Williams had been the newly elected Premiere for five months prior to Britain’s take-over. By all accounts, world governments found Great Britain’s move to be excessive and improper.

The United Nations’ Special Committee for Decolonisation has released its report dated September 23, 2009, entitled: Report of the Special Committee on the Situation with regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples for 2009. In the report, section X (4), the United Nations addresses Turks and Caicos Islands’ direct rule by Great Britain and specifically calls for, “restoration of constitutional arrangements providing for representative democracy through elected territorial Government as soon as possible.”

On October 6, 2009, The United Nations published its declaration with respect to eradicating colonialism, “Eradication Colonialism Requires Fresh, Concrete, Creative Impetus.” This document affirms the United Nations “Second International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism (2001-2010).”

Generally, The United Nations condemns colonialism by Great Britain and it has made several resolutions and declarations to that end. But it has also specifically addressed the British take over of the Turks and Caicos Islands of August 14, 2009, as improper.

Furthermore, a team of international attorneys working on behalf of Turks and Caicos argued to The United Nations that the suspension of Turks and Caicos’ constitution, “contravenes European Union law.”

. . . After CARICOM’s summit in Guyana, CARICOM announced once again that it is “deeply disturbed” by Great Britain’s decision to suspend Turks and Caicos Island’s constitution.

In a statement following the summit, CARICOM announced its condemnation of Great Britain’s “…rejection…of the new Premier.” and expressed its favor, “to allow the people of TCI to elect a new government which could have adopted and implemented the measures required to improve the administration of the territory and strengthen integrity in public life was, regrettably, a lost opportunity.”

. . . With so many international communities weighing in on the controversy of Great Britain’s direct rule over Turks and Caicos, why is Great Britain still installed on the island territory? Governor Wetherell dismissed claims that the British government control is a take-over of Turks and Caicos or colonialism.

. . . It is not yet clear what position Great Britain will take in light of the world community’s views on its takeover of the Turks and Caicos government. However, the citizens of Turks and Caicos are sure to demand an answer as to Great Britain’s intentions. Great Britain will undoubtedly be taken to task if the world community has a say.

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Gordon Wetherell on his way to his swaering-in ceremony.

2 thoughts on “World Nations Condemn Great Britain’s Direct Rule Over Turks and Caicos Islands

  1. Who asked the UN and Caricom for their opinion anyway?
    If the islands had a lot of corruption then its only right that Britain intervenes to ensure good governance.
    This measure is only temporary anyway, Britain owns the islands still whether the UN likes it or not and they’ve shown in the past that they will not let the UN or those banana republics in the Carribean tell them what to do.
    The UN and caricom should instead be focusing on real issues, like bringing those banana republics out of the 3rd world.

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