New Book: Memoria de la Sangre (Memory of the Blood)


Dominican writer and journalist Luis Martin Gómez recently launched his new book of short stories,  Memoria de la sangre, at the Alianza Cibaeña in Santiago, Dominican Republic.  The author describes his work as “a personal coming to terms with that period of crime and corruption we all know as the twelve years of the Joaquín Balaguer regime.”
“I am very conscious that these texts will not change absolutely anything. But the intimate revolt of memory remains to me. The worst thing is not the remaining stain of evil, but out not remembering it,” he added. “The worst thing would be  to have a memory and not wish to remember.”

Memoria de la sangre won the 2008 National Short Story Award and cosists of eleven short stories set in the period between 1966 and 1978—years in which Balaguer was president of the republic. In his prologue to the collection, José Alcántara Almanzar, this year’s winner of the National Literary Award, writes that “in this book Luis Martin Gómez proves one more time his talent for short narrative in texts that explore a period of Dominican history that has not been explored until now.” He adds that Memoria de la sangre follows in a tradition that includes the work of Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Sergio Ramírez, and Mario Benedetti.

Luis Martín Gómez has published four collections of short stories: Dialecto, which won the 1999 national Short Story Award, Juke-box di sogni, 2002; La destrucción de la muralla china, 2003; y Mamá, a aquella caracola le está naciendo un mar, winner of the National Children’s Literature Award in 2004.

For the original report (in Spanish) go to,29225,html

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