1980s Reggae Star Major Mackerel attacked with samurai sword

*Oct 04 - 00:05*

1980s Jamaica reggae star Major Mackerel (aka Garfield Dixon) was the subject of a bizarre attack by a neighbor, who slashed him with a samurai sword after accusing Dixon of harassing his wife. He was slashed across the head and hand outside of his East Flatbush home on Sunday morning.  Major Mackerel, one of reggae dancehall’s biggest stars in the 1980s, suffered a severe cut on his left palm during the scuffle, but was in his characteristic good mood when he left Kings County Hospital some hours after the attack. “I don’t feel bad,” said Mackerel, still wearing his hospital gown. “These things happen. It’s a Jamaican thing,” said Mackerel, 41, before adding that he was happy his attacker was immediately arrested. “How can I feel bad for someone who tried to kill me?”

Dixon was returning to his East 91st St. home from a trip to the store when he was ambushed by his neighbor, Oscar Joseph, who confronted Dixon, claiming he had flirting with his wife. Dixon denied harassing Joseph’s wife but admitted that a few of his friends may have cat-called her earlier in the year. Joseph was arrested minutes later in front of the building, still clutching the bloody sword. He was charged with assault with intent to cause a serious injury, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

For all the gory details (if you must) go to http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_crime/2009/10/04/2009-10-04_1980s_reggae_star_major_mackarel_attacked_by_jealous_neighbor_with_samurai_sword.html#ixzz0T7V1eSSt

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