“The Stogie Guys” on Caribbean Rum and Cigars


As a follow-up to my co-blogger’s posts IS 110 L’ Habitation Clément and Martinique’s Rhum Agricole and The French Antilles’ Agricultural Rums, I thought some of our readers would be interested in the cigar lovers’ take on Rhum Clément Premiere Canne.

They examine the difference between rhum agricole and other rums, stressing that while most rums are made from distilled molasses, the former is made from fresh sugar cane juice, a much more expensive process because it is possible to make it only when the sugar cane crop is at the peak of maturity. Patrick S describes Martinique’s rhum agricole: “Clément Premiere Canne has a nose unlike any other rum I’ve tasted. Grass, vanilla bean, melon, and citrus are all apparent. On the palate, it is smooth and tastes much like it smells: sweet sugar cane, cantaloupe, and lemon. The finish is long with vanilla and plenty more sugary sweetness.”

As a cigar lover myself (albeit uninformed), I was interested in the reviews recommendations for pairing the beverage with their favorite cigars: “Clément Premiere Canne requires a delicate touch. Stick to mild cigars like the Cuban Crafters medina 1959, Ashton Classic, or a Cuban Por Larrañaga Panetela.” They describe the latter as a “second tier” Cuban cigar brand that “doesn’t get the acclaim or attention given to Montecristo, Cohiba, or Romeo y Julieta” but is a rewarding “under-the-radar gem.” Also worthy of note is that Por Larrañaga has been produced continuously since 1834, making it the longest running Cuban brand still in production.

For full reviews, see http://www.stogieguys.com/2009/09/09242009-stogie-spirits-rhum-clement-premiere-canne.html and http://www.stogieguys.com/2009/08/08192009-stogie-reviews-por-larranaga-panetela.html

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