Cucu Diamantes censored


Cuban born singer Cucu Diamantes, formerly with the group Yerba Buena, has had a scheduled show at Union City High School canceled after Cuban parents opposed her appearance. The reason . . . Diamantes had performed at Juanes’s after-all-not-so-controversial Paz Sin Fronteras concert in Havana, Cuba.

The New Jersey Board of Education apparently received complaints from some community members and caved in with the following lame statement: “We must cancel the contract, due to your client’s recent performance at the Paz Sin Fronteras in Cuba, our community, which is comprised of approximately 85 % Cuban immigrants, became enraged at the thought of the High School supporting an artist who would perform in Cuba. The community came together and threatened civil unrest, protests and the like at the grand opening gala if the High School went ahead with its plans to allow Ms. Diamantes to perform.”

Shame on them.

Diamantes was one of the founding members of Yerba Buena, a Grammy-nominated fusion band based whose music was a blend of African-rooted Latin music, hip-hop, and Nigerian Afrobeat, with a dash of Middle Eastern motifs. These roots continue to define Diamantes’ sound.

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One thought on “Cucu Diamantes censored

  1. I personally thought that her performance at the Paz Sin Fronteras was the best of all…especially when she brought out the Cuban batá drummers…she knew she was going to take alot of heat for doing the gig but went with her soul instinct and performed for her people…as mentioned here… shame on those who judge from ivory towers…who know nothing of the arts much less the rhythms which dictate our lives…RIGHT ON CUCU!!…y que siga la rumba!!!

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