Creative Dialogues: Latin American Prints & Printmakers


Creative Dialogues: Latin American Prints & Printmakers, an exhibition curated by Benjamín Ortiz, opened on September 24 at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, located at 299 West Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut. It will be on view on view through November 7.

Including approximately 50 works of art, the exhibition focuses on the human figure and the interaction of different Latin American cultures to their environment and living conditions. Gallery talks and a workshop exploring contemporary Caribbean and Latin American prints and printmakers are planned to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place in October. The artists represented are from South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Caribbean artists include Caribbean artists include Ramón Vargas Artiz, Dania Fleites Díaz, Ibrahim Miranda, and Sandra Ramos, from Cuba; Belkis Ramírez and Julio Valdez from the Dominican Republic; and Imna Arroyo and Antonio Martorell, from Puerto Rico.

martorell_ii_wOrtiz, a longtime Ridgefield resident and independent curator, has an expertise in 20th and 21st century Latin American and Caribbean art.

For full article on curator Benjamín Ortiz, see

For more information on the exhibition and The Center for Contemporary Printmaking, see or call (203) 899-7999.

Shown here: Belkis Ramírez´s “Inspiración de la serie ‘Cafecito’” (2001), from the series of illustrations used for Julia Alvarez’s A Cafecito Story, and Antonio Martorell’s “Gestuario II” (2002).

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