Amy Winehouse seeks help from St Lucian healer


Heat magazine reports that Amy Winehouse is flying a faith healer from St. Lucia to the UK to help her overcome her addictions to drugs and alcohol. Winehouse met the healer, Peter Hippolyte, during an extended holiday on the island, during a time she seemed to be on a path to recovery and was beginning to make progress in the preparations for a new cd. Hippolyte, in an interview with the magazine, explained that he was traveling to England to help the singer. “We hug each other and I put my hands on her shoulder. I tell her not to worry and we sing to each other,” Hippolyte is quoted as saying. “When I come to the UK, I will use my hands to help heal her and use my psychological healing to organise her mind. We will say prayers together and she will drink bush tea with antioxidants.”

The British press is treating the news with derision, suggesting that Winehouse has put herself in the hands of a mumbo-jumbo-spouting charlatan. I know nothing of Hippolyte, so I can’t comment on his abilities. The wisdom and efficacy of Caribbean healing practices is well-known, however, and given her desperate case, a Caribbean healer may be her best bet.

The photo above, which appeared in Heat’s report on the story, is taken from the Daily Mail’s article on the story, which can be found at

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