New Exhibit by Trinidad and Tobago artist Makemba Kunle


The Gallery at Fine Art at the corner Rosalino and Warren Streets, Woodbrook, will host an exhibition of the recent works by local artist Makemba Kunle. The exhibit, which opens tomorrow, presents the artist’s latest series, Makemba 2009, which “represents a coming together of various approaches, directions and experiments undertaken over the last 40 years, this time with a concentration on draughtsmanship (pen and ink being a favored medium), and efficient resolution, if not dispatch, while still maintaining the spontaneity of the brush strokes for which he is known,” as the Trinidad Express site describes it.

Born at Old St Joseph Road in Laventille, on August 14th 1950, Kunle grew up in Barataria. A former St Mary’s College student, he was trained as a teacher at the Mausica Teachers Training College at Valsayn. Growing up in a community where the artistry of Trinidad carnival culture flourishes, his art was influenced by the power and magnificence of Trinidad carnival. As Kunle himself admitted, “I always had this feeling for art inside of me, so I taught myself everything I wanted to know about art.” Makemba found the ideal habitat for the development of his artistic perspective when he served as NJAC’s artistic director for over 20 years. Kunle has also contributed to the formation and administration of artistic institutions such as the Caribbean Arts Community and Studio 66 Art Support Community which is based at his Barataria home. He has also produced two books of his own entitled “A Collection of Illustrated Short Stories’ and ‘The Caterpillar Who Wanted to Fly’ He has also contributed to the wider national community by a number of initiatives, including his 1997 role as artist-in-residence at the Pamberi Pan Theatre in San Juan when he tutored youths in the theory and practice of artistic skills. He is now artist-in-residence at Studio 66 in Barataria and is currently preparing for his ninth solo exhibition to be showcased later this year.

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