Lecture: The Roots of Caribbean Identity


As part of its Conferencias Caribeñas 5 Series, the Institute of Caribbean Studies of the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras announces a conversation with Dr. Peter Roberts about his book, The Roots of Caribbean Identity: Language, Ethnicity, and Ecology (2008), which received the Gordon K. and Sybil Lewis Memorial Award of Caribbean Scholarship in 2009. The event will be held on Thursday, October 1, 2009, from 1:00 to 3:00pm in Amphitheater 108, Carmen Rivera de Alvarado Building, School of Social Sciences, at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras.

Peter Roberts is Professor of Creole Linguistics at the University of the West Indies-Cave Hill. He is also the author of From Oral to Literate Culture (1997) and West Indians and their Language (2007). The Roots of Caribbean Identity is described here: The book is original in its conception, perspective and treatment of the languages and identities of the West Indies as a whole. The author makes extensive use of a huge range of multiple and multilingual historical sources to let the voices of the past speak for themselves, and unearths forgotten connections that reveal the interrelatedness of territories and their ‘historical saga.’”

For further information you may call (787) 764-0000, extension 4212, or write to iec@uprrp.edu

For more information on The Institute of Caribbean Studies, see http://graduados.uprrp.edu/icaribe/

For review and purchasing information, see http://www.cambridge.org/uk/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9780521727457

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