British Virgin Islands: Business and Academic Institutions Help Support Performing Arts


LIME, the Caribbean’s largest full service telecommunications provider, and H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) recently announced a joint-partnership to promote cultural initiatives to expose the British Virgin Islands to a wide range of musical presentations.

LIME will provide $15,000.00 in sponsorship funding to support events for cultural enrichment and as a way to bring communities together. Joel Abdinoor, LIME Executive Vice President of its Offshore Centers, said that “LIME is proud to be able to assist in providing an environment where world-renowned artists enrich the minds of the BVI community through performing arts. The performing arts program at HLSCC is a welcomed venue to showcase artistic and cultural activities from around the globe.”

Of particular interest is a new Out Reach program offered to British Virgin Islands students of all levels. The purpose of the outreach program is to enable the performing arts series to provide creative exposure to students by presenting them with a wide variety of entertainers and music genres. Students can attend performances by artists such as Arturo Tappin (Caribbean Jazz artist), Soweto Gospel Choir, Nai Ni Chen, and many more. Teachers and principals are asked to register in advance for the free programs.


Photo of Arturo Tappin from

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