St. Lucia’s environment


The St. Lucia Star has just posted a perceptive article about the richness of the island’s biodiversity and the threat posed to that biodiversity by tourism and other environmentally-unfriendly practices. The article can be accessed through the link below. Here are some excerpts:

Asked if people are more aware of how their actions can impact the environment, Donnely answers in the affirmative. “I think that they are and the Forestry Department has been doing a lot of work in that regard. Persons are now more educated about the negative impacts their actions can have against Saint Lucia’s biodiversity, especially when it affects them directly,” Donnelly says. But whether they act on what they know, is something he is uncertain of.

The lack of attention given to the environment is something many countries are grappling with. In the Caribbean, the nexus between biodiversity and tourism has been a touchy sometimes controversial issue. But it would seem here in Saint Lucia the lack of clear cut policies and guidelines, have not allowed Saint Lucia to fully reap the benefits of eco-tourism and being a “green” destination. Will a call from Iyanola the Iguana, the thread snake and now a tiny beetle make us more sentient to what we have or do we ignore it all and come under a threat of losing it all forever?

You can find the article at

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