San Juan International Film Festival to open October 1


The San Juan International Film Festival, which will award a prize for the best Caribbean film and will showcase a number of international films, will open on October 1st. José Artemio Torres, spokesperson for the event, confirmed that 13 movies have been entered in the full-lenght-film competition, among them two Puerto Rican films, Miente and El ritual de la fiesta. Among the films to be shown are a number of prize-winners from other international competitions. They include films from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Guatemala.

Among the international films to be shown is the Spanish film Camino, directed by my friend Javier Fesser, winner of the Goya Award (the Spanish Oscars) for best film. (I truly wish I could be there for this one, as this is a film I have heard about from the very first germ of the idea behind it.) Others include the Argentinean film Leonera, Gigante from Uruguay, and the Czech film The Country Teacher. The Ricardo Alegría Prize for best Caribbean film will be selected by a jury that includes writers Mayra Montero, Alexis Sebastián and Ramiro Cristóbal, Cuban actress Daisy Granados and journalist Ileana Cidoncha. The public will determine the winner of the Franciso Díaz Herrero Prize.

For more (in Spanish) go to

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