Sanjay Senior’s Jamaican Influenced Furniture Design


Sanjay Senior has been attracting attention in England with his distinctive furniture designs. The Jamaican born designer was recently showcased in London at an exhibition hosted by the Jamaican High Commission. Senior is part of a new wave of Jamaicans that are causing a stir in the creative industries and the design world in Europe.

Senior’s interest in craft was developed during his early years in Jamaica, where as a child, he was encouraged by his grandfather to make his own toys. When he migrated to England, he began to focus his studies on furniture design. Senior’s unique style is characterized by a mix of traditional woods with other materials. He explains that he uses reclaimed wood and works with the natural shape and color of the material he finds to determine the form of the final piece. He has been creating his own furniture for the past six years and has started his own business, Senior Furnishings, in North London, where he plans to continue working on his experimental furniture designs.

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2 thoughts on “Sanjay Senior’s Jamaican Influenced Furniture Design

  1. This has got to be the most innovative and refreshing style I have seen in a very long time…has the real WOW factor!
    I hope so much that this young man gets the recognition and ultimate success he clearly deserves.
    Best wishes
    Sue Martin (author)

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