New Book on Haydée Santamaría


The new book, Haydée, del Moncada a Casa, written by her daughter, Celia Hart Santamaría, will be launched on Tuesday, September 22, at 4:00pm, at the Manuel Galich Room in Casa de las Américas. This presentation, organized by Villa Clara’s Provincial Center for Books and Literature, renders tribute to Casa de las Americas for its 50th anniversary.

Marta Rojas, who was present at the Moncada trial, explains that the book faithfully details how Haydée really was, her capacity for hard work, and her close relationship with Fidel (Castro) and “Che” (Guevara), all from the close and familiar perspective of her daughter Celia, who died tragically last year in a fatal accident. Rojas also highlighted the willpower, character, and sensibility that allowed Santamaría to direct Casa de las Américas for so many years, gathering the most important intellectuals of the times.

The book contains many documents that are essential for getting an accurate idea of the extraordinary personality of the founder of Casa de las Américas, including a 1967 conference she delivered on the Moncada events at the University of Havana, numerous letters written to her parents from prison, and some of her correspondence with Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Marta Muñoz, editor of the book´s first edition in Argentina, calls Haydée, del Moncada a Casa “an act of love and loyalty to an incomparable woman: Haydée Santamaría Cuadrado.”

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