New Book: The Possibility of Everything


Susan Salter Reynolds (Los Angeles Times) interviewed Hope Edelman about her new book, The Possibility of Everything, a memoir set in Belize and Guatemala. Edelman, often called the Mommy Guru because of her previous books Motherless Daughters, Motherless Mothers, Mother of My Mother, and Letters from Motherless Daughters, chronicles a tumultuous period in her life as a mother.

In 2000, when her daughter Maya was 3, Edelman became convinced that Maya was inhabited by an evil spirit, her “imaginary friend” Dodo. She and her husband, Uzi, took Maya to a bush doctor and then a well-known shaman in Belize to have the spirit evicted from their daughter’s body. The author tells her story 10 years after the event, explaining that the curative ceremonies worked, but that she is still mystified. She tells Salter Reynolds, “There was no religious renaissance. I’m still skeptical. But I believe in unseen powers. I have a greater comfort with ambiguity. I don’t need proof of miracles.”

Edelman refers to her time in Belize and the writing of this book as a “journey of faith.” She has been back to Belize several times to research the book, to get permissions and to take workshops in Mayan healing arts. The experience has also heightened her sense of being a citizen of the world. “In Belize,” she says “there is a greater sense of connection to other people. It was a tremendous relief to be in a culture where people treat the spiritual dimension quite practically. This gave me the clarity I felt lacking in my life.”

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